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Top 3 Ecommerce Websites Builders for Starting an Online Business in Canada

Read this article and discover the top 3 ecommerce websites builders that can help you build your ecommerce business in Canada!
Are you a Canadian entrepreneur looking to set up an ecommerce store? If so, you have come to the right place.
In this article, we will present to you the top 3 best and most popular ecommerce websites builders that can help you build your own ecommerce business in Canada:

1. Ecommerce solution Shopify

Based in Ontario, Canada, ecommerce solution Shopify is one of the first options for Canadian entrepreneurs looking for an easy to use website builder or ecommerce solutions provider. The reason why Shopify is so popular is because it is an SaaS solution or Software as a Service which means that Shopify takes care of the technical aspects of building, maintaining, and running your online store. For a monthly fee, Shopify provides web security, web hosting, and a professional technical support. This ecommerce website builder is perfect for retailers with little or no web development experience and it is ideal for smaller businesses and startups that want to get their products to market quickly. This doesn’t mean that Shopify is limited to these kinds of businesses and merchants only. The software is adaptable and scalable meaning large businesses and enterprise-level businesses can also take advantage of Shopify and the features they offer. When it comes to the prices, the monthly fee is relatively cheap. All ecommerce plans include unlimited products, storage, and bandwidth. You can subscribe to their Basic Shopify Plan for $29 per month. If you want more advanced features, you can always subscribe to a higher plan. Because Shopify was designed by Canadians, you can expect the software to offer enough features to support all Canadian merchants and businesses and their specific needs. Shopify handles Canada-specific online selling by offering multilingual features, multiple currencies, Shopify shipping, and tax feature.
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2. LemonStand

Based in Vancouver, this is just another SaaS ecommerce solution that provides merchants with site security, web hosting, and customer service. One of the best things about this Canadian website builder is that their design templates are completely customizable. If you have the proper skills and a basic knowledge, you can change nearly every aspect of the look and feel of your online store. When it comes to the prices, the price is based on the number of orders you process per month. All the features you need are included with all plans. The merchants who process many orders with narrow profit margins are usually turned off by this pricing model. We recommend you to start with the Starter Plan and then upgrade to the Growth Plan or Professional Plan. The Starter Plan costs $19 per month, the Growth Plan costs $69 per month, and the Professional Plan costs $199 per month. LemonStand supports all Canadian merchants by integrating with Canada Post (you can offer real-time shipping rates).
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3. PinnacleCart

This ecommerce website builder was created with the intention of assisting merchants to promote their businesses and sell their products online. PinnacleCart allows you to add and edit your products, create marketing materials, process orders, and customize your website design. Even though PinnacleCart is not a Canadian-based company, they offer many logistical features the Canadian merchants need. The price of the ecommerce plans is based on storage and traffic. All important features come included with every plan (unlimited products, phone and email support, daily backups, SSL certificate, and etc). The starting price is $44.95 per month. Some of the Canada-specific features included are a real-time shipping for Canada Post, accept multiple currencies, automatic tax calculation, and French language options.
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